Friday, January 2, 2009

Nearly Intact Mammoth Skeleton Found in L.A.


John Shore said...

Hi, Greg. I'll keep this short in case it doesn't reach you. In 1992 you published a short story of mine ("Oscy Gets a Place") in your little lit, Asylum, and I've since then always wanted to thank you again for doing that. It was of immeasurable encouragement to me. I've been making my living now for quite some time as a creative writer, and I've never forgotten how you so early on gave me reason to believe I could actually make it a writer. Thanks again! I enjoyed looking at the picks of your place--and was, also, of course, sad to hear about your mother passing.

Greg Boyd said...

Hi John,

It's always a pleasure to hear from former Asylum magazine contributors. I'm pleased that my encouragement helped you early on... as that's when it's most important. Thanks for letting me know.