Monday, August 11, 2008

Shit Happens

It's been roughly three months since I updated this blog—and a rough three months it's been.  As the saying goes, "shit happens." In this case, my mother suffered a massive heart attack in California while I was visiting my son in Alaska. I spent the next few weeks monitoring her decline in the hospital until she passed away. Afterwards, I made another trip from Virginia to California to sort out the estate. At this point I'm numb. As Vonnegut wrote, "so it goes."


Jo said...

Dear Professor Boyd,
I'm sorry to hear about your summer. I hope everything will get better as the new school year begins. Good luck with everything.
-Jordan Shoemaker

SusieBright said...

Greg, I've been thinking of you. And I have a check for you. Where should I send it?

LOVE xoxox Susie