Sunday, February 10, 2008

Susie Bright

Susie Bright published one of my short stories in the first ever Best American Erotica anthology back in 1993 and reprinted it this year in the "Best of the Best" final edition of the series. In between she's been a huge fan and supporter of my work, publishing reviews of my books on her web site, offering up delicious blurbs, and in general being the kind of loyal and intelligent literary friend and editor every writer hopes to encounter in the profession but almost never does. In 2003 she asked me to write an erotic novella for a series she was editing for Simon & Schuster, which came out in 2004 under the title Three the Hard Way. Here's Susie commenting on her web site about Amy Sohn 's very favorable review of Three the Hard Way in The New York Times Book Review:
"The author she singled out, Greg Boyd, who wrote the second novella in Three the Hard Way, called 'The Widow,' is a freakin' genius. He can write better than me and Amy Sohn hogtied together to a desk." 

Did I mention how much I love Susie?

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